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Conyers Child Care: Some important things you need to know about teething

Posted on | Elisa Frey

conyers_childcareMost child care professionals agree that teething can be an extremely painful process for both the parent and infant. While growing a new tooth causes significant discomfort for a baby, the restlessness and discomfort of the child can be unbearable for the parent, too. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Conyers Georgia looks at a few things you should know about your infant’s teething.

Speak with your pharmacist or pediatrician

There are a number of excellent over-the-counter products available that effectively soothe teething pain. These products come in either a gel or as cotton swabs, which can be applied to the affected areas. You need to make sure that these products are used in small amounts as they can also numb the gag reflex. Always consult a physician or a pharmacist before administering any medication.

Use cold to soothe the pain

If you do not want to give medication to your infant, you can attempt to cool the pain away. You can find water-filled teething rings at most stores or pharmacies. Chill the ring in the refrigerator and let your child chew on it. The cool temperature helps to sooth irritated gums while relieving pain. Child care experts warn against putting these rings in the freezer as frozen objects can cause frostbitten gums.

Be patient with your child

Teething is not enjoyable for your infant. The discomfort caused by new teeth pushing through the gums, coupled with sleepless nights is bound to take its toll. Be patient with your child, offering plenty of love and support while the teething progresses.

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